The firm was born in 1940 guaranteeing production and delivery of fruit and vegetables products. In 1988 it presents on the market with a new company organization which is furtherly transformed today incorporating Ortofrutta Meridional S.r.l.

It is formed by TERRONE Gaetano and TERRONE Giuseppe, responsible for production and TERRONE Luigi, responsible for commercialization, the goal always remains the growth with quality which has brought, throughout the years, to the achievement of good results.

The firm has shifted from an ancient peasant tradition addressed to a small public, to the most modern farming technologies, concerning the cutting, packaging, storage and delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables products, guaranteeing a strong presence of the firm on Italian and Foreign markets and of the large distribution.

The firm has its office in Corato (Bari) and is it spread out over the surface of about 25.000 mq provided with all technologies fit for guaranteeing all different working processes aimed to the achievement of quality growth; it has brought our firm to reach 12 million euros sales, thanks to the totality of our company organization that resorts to about 250 employees who get down the whole year to the production of grape and vegetables.